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en Today’s VÖLKL GmbH und Co. KG is the result of a successful merger of two companies, two traditions, two skill sets. While Völkl GmbH & Co. KG has gained extensive experience in the development and production of climbing and hiking shoes since 1926, the Stumpp & Baier GmbH is specialized in safety shoes and military boots for over 30 years. The two departments VÖLKL Professional and VÖLKL Outdoor arose from the merger of the two companies in March 2000 and have quite a success all around Europe.

VÖLKL shoe factory: From a small workshop to official outfitter of the German Olympic team.

The founding years
Today's shoe factory VÖLKL was founded in 1926 by Franz-Xaver VÖLKL in the small town Alterbach. The one-man workshop started to produce wooden shoes with leather uppers that were worn for staples and farm work. Due to increasing demand and low expansion possibilities VÖLKL moved to Allershausen and modernized the production dramatically in 1936. During the Second World War, the expansion of the company faltered due to shortage of production materials. Until Franz Xaver VÖLKL handed the company to his son in 1967, VÖLKL had become an industrialized company with 24 employees. Meanwhile the products evolved to leather shoes double stitched style essentially used for hiking.
The merger
Under the leadership of Franz-Xaver VÖLKL Junior the company expanded further and established itself as a renowned manufacturer of high quality shoes. Athletes from downhill skiing, hiking and shooting appreciated the VÖLKL products for their quality and their comfort. For many years the company VÖLKL was the official partner for the German Olympic team as proven by the title "official supplier to the German Olympic team Grenoble 1968" and other numerous historical documents.
Because of his long and lethal illness Francis Xavier VÖLKL Junior decided a few months before his death to sell his company to B. & S. Stumpp Baier GmbH, Heidenau (Saxony). On the 20th of December 1999, he died surrounded by his family, the day before the planned transition of the company.

Stumpp & Baier GmbH: safety footwear since 1993

Growth through innovation
The starting point of the Stumpp and Baier GmbH was the merger 1993 with the Wiesel GmbH and Bernhard Stumpp shoe factory. The Wiesel GmbH is looking back to a long tradition. Everything began in 1896 with the Huhle Factory in Heidenau Germany that later became the Wiesel GmbH. Early innovations and patents, such as the 1926 patented Metatarsus protection helped the company to quickly rised to a specialist in the production of safety footwear with over 230 employees.
The GDR Years
After the Second World War, the USSR Army was aware of the high technological level of the company and nationalized the Huhle Factory. After the founding of the German Democratic Republic Huhle became state-owned (VEB) national facility for Workwear and Military boots. Innovations were discovered and implemented systematically by a 10-person development department. Until the late seventies, the operation exported in all Western European countries, until the export activity was suspended by the SED leadership in favor of domestic demand. With 520 employees at the main plant Wiesel produced annually between 920,000 to 980,000 pairs of safety shoes and boots.
On the way to new horizons
After German riunification the domestic production and the exports of the countries of the Warsaw Pact collapsed. The merger with Bernhard Stumpps shoe factory Stumpp & Baier GmbH's the know-how for the production of military boots and shoes authorities was available. Quickly the Stumpp & Baier evolved to one of the leading manufacturers for the German and the Austrian Army. The technical competence of Stumpp & Baier GmbH is valued by its customers, so they were often selected for their product development. Today, Stumpp & Baier designs and manufactures , together with VÖLKL, mainly for federal and state authorities, who expect not only the best quality but also a fair pricing.

Professional and Outdoor: 1+1=3

Today VÖLKL is the fusion of tradition of Stumpp & Baier GmbH and VÖLKL GmbH & Co KG. Consciously, we use our tradition for our safety footwear under VÖLKL Professional as well as for casual shoes under VÖLKL Outdoor. Technologies and experiences are crossed and shared along all business units. Proven technologies from our VÖLKL Outdoor segment such as our VÖLKL climate system can be found as well in our VÖLKL Professional products. Just as the hiker after miles of marching, the firefighter deserves a pleasant and dry foot climate after hours of hart work.
We are constantly working to improve our products. If you have suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us. We would pleased to write together with you the history of tomorrow.
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