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Small encyclopedia of the shoe industry

Companies in the footwear industry tend to use technical terms that are not always known by everyone immediately. We have taken us the time to collect and explain some of them in our small encyclopedia. If you think we have forgotten something or if you some words that you do not know the meaning of do not hesitate to contact us. We will try our best to improve our encyclopedia as soon as possibile.
Your VÖLKL staff
Mesh is a double-face fabric, in which the two faces are kept on distance by distance-maintaining connecting threads. Thus, the material becomes three-dimensional.
The innersole is the layer of the shoe bottom that points toward the foot. It connects the shaft to the sole and is therefore foundation of the shoe.
Cordura ® is a fabric in wich cut polyamide fibers are spun and woven again. This makes it more resistant to tearing than traditional nylon and is ideal for personal protection. Cordura ® is a registered trademark of Invista.
Lining is the textile or leather, that is in the interior of the shoe and has a direct contact with the skin.
Hydrophobization is a special treatment of materials such as leather and textiles. Through the hydrophobization the materials become waterproof.
A last is a wooden or plastic form which is based on a human foot. Last are used in the production of shoes and boots in to order to give the right fit to the shoe.
A membrane is a material compound, which is installed as a separation layer in the inner of the shoe. Membranes ensure that water can not penetrate from the outside but allow at the same time that water vapor can pass through it to the outside.
Nappa leather
Nappa leather is a very soft, chrome-tanned leather. For this reason, it is particularly suitable for the edge of paddings in boots and shoes.
The not-marking-feature of a sole describes the the fact that the sole does not make any marks on different undergrounds.
The instep area refers to the the upper outer edge of the foot. Many of you will probably know this term from football.
Foot rolling
The foot rolling is the distance between the pointed toe and the and the ground. This distance determines the shape of the sole, which makes the rolling of the shoe during walking possible.
Backstitching is the process in which the single leather and fabric pieces are sewn together to form a shaft.
Pinching is a process in the production of shoes and boots and refers to the moment in which the shaft is fixed to the last and fixed to the sole.
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